YouTube sensations coming forward for Assam flood

Assam floods this year hit over 5 million people in the state, claimed over 100 lives and destroyed property worth hundreds of crores.

Assam faced a lot of challenges during this pandemic season. Covid-19 has caused a drastic effect in the economic conditions of the state, and now the flood in Assam is deteriorating the situation even more.

Government of Assam has been fighting to challenges at the same time the situation in Assam is awful.

Although the mainstream media is busy gaining TRP by showing the lifestyles of so-called Bollywood actors and is neglecting the conditions in Assam which are deteriorating day by day, while Assam has never ever expected the mainstream media to give a little attention to the flood situations in Assam because it had never did.

But recently there are some heroic online sensations and youtubers who are coming forward to help Assam get out of this pathetic conditions.

Here are some of the YouTube creators who came forward to help Assam –
1) Carryminati
Ajey nagar popularly known as carryminati organised a charity stream for Assam and bihar floods on his YouTube channel. He successfully raised over 10 lakh rupees via this online charity stream. He later mentioned that he added 1 lakh rupees personally to the fund for the flood victims of assam and bihar. We are grateful and thankful for his kindness towards Assam.
2) Ashish Chanchalani
Ashish Chanchalani the popular YouTube sensation also extended his support to aid the flood victims of Assam and Bihar and donated 2 lakhs – 1 lakh each to Assam and Bihar CM relief fund. We are thankful towards him for his kind initiatives.

3) Abhineet Mishra
Stand- up comedian Abhineet Mishra also helped Assam and raised funds through a charity fundraiser -Millap and gave the funds to RIHAA ( an NGO in Dhemaji , Assam) working with students of TISS to help flood victims of Assam.
He also mentioned in his Instagram handle that the fund raised will not go to the CM relief fund because the CM never donates the funds to the victims. Well thanks Abhineet Mishra sir.

4) Dimpu Baruah

Our own Assamese content creator and YouTuber Dimpu Baruah has also came forward to help the flood victims of Assam. Dimpu raised 43,000 rupees during a live stream on his own YouTube channel.
He later decided to divide the money among 43 homeless flood victims . Thank you Dimpu da for your this inspiring inspiration.

5) Bhukhan Pathak

Assamese Mixture fame YouTuber Bhukhan Pathak also did a great job by taking initiative to help flood victims of Assam. Like other YouTubers, he also collected Rs 58411 through live streaming and other sources to help the poor needs one’s. He will be distributing flood relief to the victims of Assam Flood within next few days from that amount and also he will add an amount from himself in that fund. We are proud to have you as you are one of the very kind hearted YouTuber of Assam.

Also we would like to mention that you recently the BTS army (fans of a popular south Korean pop group BTS) have also raised funds worth 5 lakh rupees and came forward to help the flood victims in Assam . We are thankful to all of you, Sranghae.

But now we are showing you how poor mentality a man can have, specially being a known politician of Assam,how he could think about such type of dram in the name of Flood Relief. See the given video below and do comment your views about the great work done by our YouTubers and the about the shameful act by the politician.

Article written by: Karina Sharma

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