What is open and from When in lock-down 5?

What is open and from When in lock-down 5?

What is open and from When in lock-down 5?

After four consecutive announcement of Nation wide lock-down, now its time for Lock-down in Containment zones only. The Nation wide lock-down is now to be applied only in containment zones across india from 1st of June to 30th June,2020. So here we will be discussing about Unlock 1.O: What is open and from When ?

What is open and from When in lock-down 5?


What is open and from When in lock-down 5?

The Ministry of Home Affairs on Saturday announced about the new guidelines to be applied in all over the country. Some very interesting decisions are being mentioned in this guideline which is to be discussed here in details. Government decided to allow activities in Phased manner like 1st Phase, 2nd phase etc.

1st Phase:

  • The following activities to be allowed from June 8:
  1. Religious places/places of worship for public
  2. Hotels, Restaurants and other hospitality services.
  3. Shopping Malls

2nd Phase:

  • Schools, Colleges and all other educational institutes will be open after consultation with States and UTs. Based on the feedback, a decision on re-opening will be taken in the month of July,2020.

3rd phase:

Based on assessment of situation,dates for re-starting the following activities will be decided:

  • International air travel of Passenger except as permitted by MHA.
  • Metro Rail.
  • Cinema halls, Gymnasium,Swimming pools, Entertainment parks, theaters, bars and auditoriums, assembly halls and similar places.
  • Social/Political/Sports/Entertainment/Academic/Cultural/Religious functions and other large congregations.

What is open and from When in lock-down 5?

Lockdown Extended till June 30: Breaking News

When will School and Colleges to reopen?

Covid-19 Number stats from last 24 hours

1) India recorded 8332 new cases on Saturday.
2) 4303 Patient recovered on Monday.
3) 205 died in last 24 hours
4) Total cases reached to 1,81,827
5) Total active cases are 89695
6) Total recovered cases 86936
7) Total deaths crossed 5000 mark by reaching to 5185
8)Assam also recorded 159 new cases on Saturday.
9) Total cases reached to 1216 from which 163 patient recovered.
10) Now in Assam 1046 active cases exists.

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