PUBG Addiction: How it harms?

PUBG, the game which stole the hearts of 50 million youths in India, the game which broke all the records in Indian gaming market, the game which gathers the highest revenue from the country; there’s so much you could know about this game, right from it’s origin, it’s pros and cons, it’s impact on youths and it’s addiction.

So here I shall try to describe all of these aspects.

Is PUBG a Chinese application?

With the boarder tensions between India and China at it’s peak, the ‘#boycottchina’ trend in India is getting a massive support, followed by Indian government’s move which banned 59 Chinese applications. Now, Indians have resorted to a strong vow of boycotting the Chinese products, including Chinese applications. Gamers in India seem bit worried about the origin of their most loving game “Players Unknown Battleground”, popularly known as PUBG. Although the origin of PUBG couldn’t be traced back to China as since the game was created by ‘Blue-hole’, a Korean gaming company, but the mobile version of PUBG, the version which most people are familiar with and which the Indian gamers use, is actually developed and majorly owned by ‘Tencent games’, a Chinese software firm.

So yes…! PUBG, in its crude PC version is developed by ‘Blue-hole’ but the mobile version of it, the one which most of us use to play, has Chinese origin, with Tencent having the largest share of about 55% of the revenue collected by the game. This 55% of revenue share directly goes to China. Hence, although the game isn’t banned in India, apparently because of its mixed ownerships, a huge share of revenue collected by it goes to China.

Is PUBG a harmful game?

With a highly increasing popularity among the Indian youths, the game has posed some serious concerns about the effect it could have on youths. The cases of intense game addiction is on the rise with increased cases of aggressive thoughts, emotions and behaviours among the addicted youths.

The WHO in 2018 declared gaming addiction as a mental health disorder. Addiction to video games increases their depression and anxiety levels.

Although, Every other person react in a different way. For some, its interesting and competitive while for some its boring. Most of the bad effects the game is blamed on the violence it contain. Children who play more violent video games are more likely to have a violent mindset.

Like everything else, PUBG too has both harmful as well as some positive aspects. However, the negative and harmful aspects it contains weigh much more than the positive ones. Many horrific consequences of the game addiction has been on the highlight like for instance, a youth bankrupting his own father to purchase online accessories for the game; another threatening case of a youth killing his father for trying to stop him from playing the game. A recent case emerged where a student of 12th grade died of cardiac arrest allegedly after playing PUBG for straight eight hours.

Evidently, PUBG is a very harmful game with it’s violent theme and intense addiction owing to it.

Impacts of PUBG on Youths

Meenal Arora explains the various kinds of problems arising from gaming addiction:

1. Health issues: Long hours of gaming can increase the chances of obesity, weaken the muscles and joints, cause incorrect posture, weaken eyesight and even cause headaches.

2. Behavioural problems: Violent games like PUBG can trigger aggressive thoughts, emotions and behaviour affecting the mental well-being of the players. These can create long-term impressions on the minds of young children.

3. Failing social life: People gaming for long hours end up becoming less socially active. Being isolated, even if there is direct voice connection with friends in the game, is dangerous for our physical and mental health.

4. Disrupted sleep pattern: Spending long hours in front of the screen disrupt your sleep pattern and people may sleep less just to play the game.

5. Exposure to wrong values: Since children often try to emulate the same behaviour as portrayed in the games, exposure to excessive violence, profanity, racism, and many other aspects in games like PUBG can be harmful.

6. Academic performance hampered: Children may skip homework or studying for exams and choose to play video games.

Thus, the side of playing this game is not only limited to mind, it also has an impact on the overall behavior and health too. You can tend to go a little mad, if you play this game over and over again.

However, playing PUBG just for mere entertainment within a certain mental and timely limit won’t be so harmful. After all, it’s all about how we handle it. If we’ve got a control over ourselves on playing the game, it’s never gonna affect us at all.

So, it’s best that we keep a check on ourselves and the extent to which we indulge in the game and restrict ourselves from being a game addict.

Following are the warning signs of PUBG addiction

Warning Signs of PUBG Addiction

According to World Health Organization, Video game addiction is a real mental health condition . They have a set of three criteria as warning signs:

Impaired control: Your gamer is unable to control or limit their gameplay.

Loss of interest in other activities: Your gamer’s life revolves around gaming instead of gaming revolving around their life.

Continuing to play despite negative impact: Gaming is causing significant harm to their school grades, employment, or relationships.

These are the three biggest warning signs for PUBG addiction, but there are others as well, such as being deceptive, experiencing withdrawal symptoms, using gaming to escape, or being unable to focus without playing game

Following strategy could help you combat your gaming addiction:

Don’t wait for the problem to get worse. Take action now. Here are a few practical strategies you can implement:

Step 1:

Limit gaming: Bring gaming down to two hours or less each day. Your homework and exercise should be completed first. After that only any access into the game to be granted.

Step 2:

Find more activities: Keep gaming from being the only thing you do. Make sure that you are spending more time outside in nature, increase your face-to-face interactions, and find competitive outlets such as sports.

Thus, you could gradually let yourself out of any such gaming addiction.

However, you must have a strong determination to get your life out of such addictions and bring it back to a normal track.

Remember, “Gaming is not harmful at all, but addictive gaming is a sin”

Hope you liked the article. If you found it useful enough, then do share it among your friends and especially to those who might be in such addictions…

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