How has lockdown disrupted Education? Is online education enough?

How has lockdown disrupted Education? Is online education enough?

With most educational institutions closed due to the lockdown, students all over the country are facing huge challenges. Online education seems to be a way out. But, is it enough?

Impact of pandemic on the Education
COVID-19 has put a severe impact in the education system of the whole world.
The coronavirus is mutating day by day into dangerous forms and it seems nearly impossible to reopen education institutions, colleges and schools this year.

Educational Institutes all over the world from Harvard to IIT are observing a temporary closure. COVID-19 has thrown education all over the world in a loop.

In India and many more countries exams are postponed and cancelled. In India boards like CBSE , ICSE etc. all known and recognised boards have cancelled examinations. Many competitive examinations like NEET , SSC , SATs remain suspended and the future of many students hangs in balance

Challenges to the online form of education.
Online classes have been imposed by many education institutions and this trend is doing well in developed countries, where internet penetration and required technology is accessible to most people, but in most parts of developing countries like India many students are not accessible to smartphones and internet, this is causing a sense of discrimination and unjust in the minds of many students .
Students are not used to this newly immerged system of online education , therefore for many of them it is being tough to understand their lessons clearly and students are confused and frustrated. Students are tensed because their education process is disrupted and they are one year away from school or college leaving exams because the 2020-21 academic session has been incomplete and disrupted.

How students should respond.

Students now need to make sure that they take measures to minimize these disruptions so that their lives return to normal , they need to control their frustrations and take advantages of the opportunities their educational institute is providing in these tough pandemic days .
We must keep in mind that this situation is going to be well sooner or later. It doesn’t matter if one’s academic journey has been disrupted due to the pandemic, as it’s not gonna remain forever. And as per now, students should explore other forms of self development like fitness, yoga, co curricular activities, writing, reading etc.
Let’s make this lockdown productive and beautiful, inspite of playing a victim card upon oneself. The lockdown has given us a way for introspection and has also brought us closer to our family and friends. Make sure you past this phase of your life productively.

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