Gay lovers commit suicide: Who is to be blamed?

Gay lovers commit suicide: The tragic suicide of two gay lovers, Brajen Thakuria from Pathsala and Ankur from Baksa district, in Assam has raised several questions on our society and social stigmatization on homosexuality.

Gay lovers commit suicide: Homosexuality is not a crime
Gay lovers commit suicide: Homosexuality is not a crime

The gay-lovers left suicide notes in which they had described their relationship, also citing the reason for their suicide as the unacceptance and stigmatization of their relationship, both by the society and their

Society and homosexuality:

Even after two long years of homosexuality being legal in the nation, instances from almost every part of the country reveals that somehow the society hasn’t been able to accept this difference.The stigmatization of this difference has been deeply rooted in our primitive mindset- the mindset which isn’t habituated to accept the differences that exist among us, be it behavioural, sexual orientation, etc.

Well, we see people pretending to stand firmly against discrimination; be it the ‘systematic racism of the blacks in the US’ or ‘the discrimination against North Eastern’s in the central India’. But, when it comes to the difference in sexual orientation, most of us so choose to endorse discrimination. Somehow, we fail to understand that whatever be the difference among us, be it our race, our complexion, our behaviour or our sexual orientation, none shoulder ever bring a way to discrimination.Discrimination of any form as mentioned herein is a constitutional crime.

Hence, discrimination against“homosexuality” is thus a crime and professing any such forms of beliefs and practices shall be scrutinized and legally punished.

This case might just be the tip of an iceberg, with high chances of such cases, often not in the limelight. Hence,, it’s evidently clear that we, as a society must enhance our understanding of homosexuality and become more accepting towards the difference of sexual orientation.

The use of discriminatory words like chakka, criticising and mocking their orientation, while claiming to stand against discrimination is but an act of sheer hypocrisy. Let’s not endorse to any such forms of practices, especially in this ongoing ‘meme’ trend, where mocking and abusing differences, in the name of joke has been very common.

We must keep in mind that such practices are the seeds of discrimination in some way or other. Hence, I request you not just to disengage from such practices but also scrutinize those who endorse to such practices.

Together we can shape the society where every form of diversity is mutually respected. Let’s not allow any form of difference bring a way to discrimination.

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We should stand against such discrimination. Let’s learn to respect the differences rather than making it a means of discrimination.

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