Fact Check: Are Teachers from Assam really doing nothing during Lock-down for students?

This news is related to teachers of Assam. On 11th July, a article published in a leading news paper of Assam, related to the teachers and education system of Assam, which is now viral on internet. We will be discussing here about the complete issue. So do comment your views related to this topic.

In a article where they were trying to discuss about the impact of Covid-19 pandemic in the education system of Assam, where according to them no Good inspiring news is heard from Assam in other states of Assam. They also said that Most of the Govt. Schools becomes Quarantine centers, Private schools are just playing with students future with only a 30 minute class in the name of online Class. They even said that Private schools are doing online classes to only collect fees from the students. They even did not hesitate to ask questions about morality of Govt Teachers of Assam. According to them our teachers are just taking salary only from the Government without being involved in any duty. They are just spending their time by sleeping and sitting at home. Teachers yet to show any responsibilities to their students. It is also said that only protest of teachers regarding their various issues reaches to other states of India from Assam. Other than that no Positive good work from Teachers of Assam is reached to other states of India.

Fact Check: Are Teachers from Assam really doing nothing during Lock-down  for students?

Now after this article published in that Newspaper, Teachers from Assam seems to be unhappy. They got really hurt by that kind of article and also from the words used in that article. Teachers from Assam now starts asking few questions in social media to the editor like:

  • Do you know most of our Govt Teachers are doing Online Classes?
  • Do you know teachers are appointed in Covid-19 duty?
  • Do you know teachers are sent to flood affected areas of Assam?
  • Do you know all the teachers of Assam donated food materials to 5 to 20 families during the lock-down?
  • Do you know all teachers donated their salary of 1 day to the Govt of Assam?
  • Do you know most of the teachers also donated in the PM Cares Fund, CM relief fund and Arogya Nidhi fund?
  • Do you know Teachers of Assam were appointed in NRC Duty for a long period of time till few months back?

Now Teachers demanding to Asamiya Pratidin to apologise within 48 hours for their such rude words related to teachers of Assam. If they did not do so, they decided to neglect and protest against Asamiya Pratidin Newspaper.

In an conversation with InsideTak, Binod Kumar Boro, President of All Assam TET Teachers Joutha Mancha states that: “ We witnessed a news published on 11th July,2020 in the Editorial page of Asomiya Pratidin about baselessly criticising teachers. This is really a news of frustration and fabricated. According to the news teachers are getting salary without being involved in duty during pandemic Covid-19 situation. It is clear to mention that many teachers are involved in different duties such as Flood relief duty, Covid-19 duty and so on. Moreover teachers are performing well their online classes and direct access with the student parents to discuss various issues of Academic and School education. Time to time we have provided home work to the students to continue their study. In that Editorial page, it is clearly mentioned that “ Hui Bohi Kotua Khikkhokhakal” which is really negligence, fabricated and not good at all. We the teachers received deep anguished and pain. This is an appeal to the Editor to give us formative suggestion and not to deteriorate the respect of teachers in Society. So, an appeal to the editor to withdraw this kind of fabricated and unnecessary words.

At last, we the common people also want to say that professions like Teaching is one of the most respectful profession. Do not show disrespect to them like this. Do criticise, but in a better way so that everyone can take it in a positive way.

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