Covid-19:India recorded 2004 death on Tuesday

Covid-19:India recorded 2004 death on Tuesday

Covid-19:India recorded 2004 death on Tuesday

Covid-19 in India is spreading rapidly in India and now it seems that it is not going to stop so easily. The situation going to be worst in upcoming days as it seems in current scenario.


On Tuesday, India recorded it’s highest spike of deaths due to covid-19 with 2004 deaths in last 24 hours. Before Tuesday, 300 to 400 cases of deaths were recorded daily. But this number suddenly rises to 2004 on Tuesday. If this rise of number of deaths continues, we can’t imagine how the situation will be in India.


If we look state wise data, Maharashtra recorded it’s highest 1409 deaths, Delhi recorded 437 deaths, 49 deaths in Tamil Nadu and more from other states.

Covid-19:India recorded 2004 death on Tuesday

Corona Virus in India

  • India recorded spike of 11090 cases on Tuesday.
  • India recorded 10000+ cases for the last few days continuously.
  • Worldwide, India currently ranked 4th position in number of total cases.
  • Total case tally reached to 3,54,161
  • 2004 new deaths in last 24 hours.
  • 154643 active cases exists in India till now.
  • 7228 cases recovered on Thursday.
  • Total 187552 patient recovered till now in India.
  • Total deaths is near to cross 12000 mark reaching to 11921
  • Recovery Rate is 52.47% in India.

Covid-19 in Assam

Total Cases on Tuesday: 201

Recovered on Tuesday: 206

Covid-19 Numbers
Total Cases 4510
Discharged 2411
Active Cases 2088
Deaths 08
Migrated 03
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