Covid-19: World-wide Numbers of Corona Virus

The whole world is suffering from Covid-19 pandemic and yet we are not able to find any vaccine for this virus. Scientists of different countries working hard for the Vaccine but, the final result is yet to come and no one can say that when the vaccine will be available till now. But the process of preparing Vaccine is going on and we can hope and pray that very soon Vaccine will be available.

Covid-19: World-wide Numbers of Corona Virus

In this article we are going to provide you information on worldwide Corona Virus cases along with India. Numbers on Corona virus in last 24 hours in worst hit countries is provided below.

📌 USA 🇺🇸

  • New cases: 61719
  • New recovered: 29951
  • New deaths: 732
  • Total cases: 33,55,646
  • Recovered: 14,90,446
  • Deaths: 1,37,403


  • New cases: 36478
  • New deaths: 968
  • Total cases:18,40,812
  • Recovered Cases:12,13,512
  • Deaths: 71,492


  • New cases: 27755
  • New recovered: 19981
  • New deaths: 543
  • Total cases: 8,50,358
  • recovered: 5,36,231
  • deaths: 22,687

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Here is the update from our own state Assam:

  • 535 New cases on Saturday
  • 578 New recovered on Saturday
  • 2 new death on Saturday
  • Total cases: 16,071
  • Recovered: 10,427
  • Deaths: 37
  • Total Tested: 5,37,831

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