Covid-19 in Assam: 263 New cases and 152 Recovered on Friday

Assam Covid-19: 76 New Cases and 53 Recovered on Tuesday

Covid-19 in Assam: 263 New cases and 152 Recovered on Friday

Welcome to our covid-19 update. Today we will be discussing about the current impact of Covid-19 in Assam and in India also. So let’s start without wasting a single minute.

On Friday Assam Registered it’s one of the biggest spike of Covid-19 cases with a total of 263 new cases. These numbers came to us in two steps. At first, 68 new cases registered in the evening and at the night another 195 new cases found. And the total tally on Friday reached to 263.

At the same time, In Assam 152 patients recovered from Covid-19 on Friday which is a positive sign for us.

Table representing all data in details from Assam:

Covid-19 Numbers
Total Cases 3693
Discharged 1584
Active Cases 2098
Deaths 08
Migrated 03
Covid-19 in India:

In India we have seen a tremendous rate of spreading corona virus infection, despite following such long lock-down, spreading of virus is not stopping.Here are the top updates regarding corona virus impact in India:

  • India record spike of 11314  cases on Friday
  • Total case tally reached to 3,09,603
  • 388 new deaths in last 24 hours.
  • 1,46,460 active cases exists in India till now.
  • Total 1,54,241 patientr till now in India.
  • Total deaths crossed 8500 mark reaching to 8890

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